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Questions to Ask Before Installing a Pool

1. Do you have insurance or worker’s compensation?

When having a pool installed, electricians, plumbers, and other construction companies will have to work on your pool to make sure everything in installed properly. Insurance and worker’s compensation will protect you from having to pay any of these additional worker's or subcontractor's losses in the event of an accident.

2. Does your company pull permits and make sure all inspections are completed?

Having the proper permits for a build is incredibly important! If your potential pool builder does not say that they pull permits and ensure proper inspection, they are likely installing the pool incorrectly and not meeting code regulations.

3. Ask your potential pool builder how many pools they’ve built in the last year.

This question will help narrow down companies that do not have much experience. Because pools are so expensive and much more involved now, it is important to see references and choose a company that has done excellent work in the past. Ask your potential builder for a complete client list and call some of those individuals to get an honest opinion.

4. Ask the customers you speak to about any problems that came up during the project.

With a project of this size, problems may arise and it is important to have an idea of how your pool contractor will handle these situations. After you have answers from previous customers, bring any concerns to your potential builder and discuss the issues you may have.

5. Ask Installation questions about pipes, drains, filters, and backfilling. 

Research about pool installation is easy to find if you want to investigate further but there are some basic requirements you should ask about. Make sure your builder is using 2-inch schedule 40 pipes for the build. FLEX pipe should never be used, termites love it and it can be easily damaged. Every hole that is cut into a pool for a pipe should run all the way back to the pump pad. These pipes should not be tied to any other pipes, returns, or skimmers. Pumps are also important when it comes to your pool. Ask about new variable flow or variable speed pumps. These pumps are best and save 300-600 dollars a year in electricity. Main drains should not be installed in a pool unless needed for water flow, like large water falls or water features. 90% of the pools built in the Central Kentucky area do not need main drains, but be sure to challenge why they believe a main drain is needed if they suggest one. An inspection pipe should be installed on all vinyl and fiberglass pools to remove the water from under the pool. This is necessary so you can safely drain the pool if the need ever arises. Shot create or Gunite pools have a hydrostatic valve in the bottom, which accomplishes the same thing as an inspection pipe. Rock backfilling is the only backfilling answer you should accept. Any other type of backfill will settle and disrupt the structural integrity of the pool in the future. Filters are also important. Cartridge filters do the best for cleaning the water that goes back into your pool. Ask your pool builder if they recommend upgrading to a 420 clean and clear cartridge filter, which can handle and clean a large amount of water.

6. Extra Costs?

Before you start to design your pool ask your builder what the additional costs of having a pool installed will be. There will be significant additional costs they should warn you about and give you an estimate for what else you will need to pay for when you have a pool installed. Retaining walls, gutter down spouts, electrical costs, dirt removal, concrete, and rock removal are all issues and costs that need to be discussed before the job. 

If you are considering having a pool installed at your home, Backyard Fun Pools is your best choice.
Contact us today with any of the above installation questions and let us provide you with an excellent pool installation experience. Proudly serving all Central Kentucky and the greater Lexington area, we have two showrooms in both Nicholasville and Frankfort where we can show you design options and help you plan the perfect pool. As a member of Angie’s List with an A+ rating from the BBB, Backyard Fun Pools will ensure that you are satisfied with your pool installation. 

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